"If Building and Designing a WordPress Blog or Website is a pain in the as* for you, worry no more. I can take you by hand through the whole process..."

Within few days, you can bring up a blog or website using WordPress!

Isn’t WordPress a program for creating Blogs? Yes it is, but did you know that it can be used to create great looking websites too? I have developed a simple guide that will teach you how to build a WordPress website within days, with no programming skills!

One thing I hate doing is doing simple things the hard way.

There are various reasons you need to know WordPress...

If you really want to know how to make money from just knowing WordPress, or if you need WordPress, or you want to start building a WordPress Blog or Website like a pro?. Listen to this ...


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Oyedepo John & Jide Ogunsanya
(Nigerian Pro-Bloggers)

Hi My Dear Friend,

Do you know you can build a website or blog right from scratch without knowing no code? Yes! The answer is yes. I am an expert in this and I'm gonna show you how you too can do it.

If I can - you can!

Within few days, you can bring up a blog or website using WordPress. WordPress is a blogging platform that allows you to get a blog up and running with a click of the mouse.

Gone are the days when you MUST 'cram' several series of code before you can come up with a website. However, with the CMS functionality of WordPress, you can create just anything ranging from eCommerce Websites to Business or Corperate Website, and of course, personal blogs.

Here's Why You Need WordPress

It probably wouldn’t be a thing of debate to say that most new bloggers, businesses, entertainments, news portal and the likes all gravitate to WordPress platform for their sites.

This is all because of it ease of use, customization and high integration with several online applications. It is the most supported web site creator in the net today.

Here are few reasons WordPress is the best CMS and Blogging Platform...

Why WordPress?

=> Thousands of bloggers are earning a living through the WordPress platform

=> Several big corporate websites like banks, oil companies, government, media and newspapers, telecoms are having their websites built on WordPress

=> Thousands of guys like you (who probably do not know HTML, PHP, or CSS) are raking in thousands of Naira every single month creating, designing and maintaining great looking websites and blogs using WordPress

=> With WordPress, you can create, build and design a professional looking website within 24 hours

=> WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use on the Internet

=> The lastest version 3 had been downloaded over 32.5 million times, as at the time of writing this

=> After all, it is not by mistake that 27% of the whole total websites on the internet today are sitting on WordPress.

=> And above all – WordPress is TOTALLY FREE!

WordPress is the best… PERIOD!

Do I Need WordPress?

For Bloggers and Netprenuers…

=> Simply because WordPress is the best

=> Learn my tips of designing and tweaking WordPress blogs and make it a success till the coming years

=> It is easy to use and has many wonderful features

=> Search Engines love WordPress and hence, it tends to rank higher with little effort

=> You can create hundreds of blogs within a month

=> You can move from Blogspot to WordPress

=> You can make money blogging

=> You can take advantage of my bonuses

=> You can do just anything with WordPress

For Website Designers and Webmasters…

=> You can create any kind of website or blog with just a few clicks

=> You do not need to crack and cram all those programming codes all for the sake of creating websites

=> You will offer you clients their project in no time, mostly, within a week

=> You will make more money getting websites up for client like never before

You are none of the above?

Yes you still need this. This is why:

=> You can start your own blog and start making residual income from it through Google Adsense and other affiliate programs

=> You don’t like blogging? With WordPress, you can start creating and designing blogs and websites for businesses, companies and individuals and charge them for it

=> You can learn the tips and strategies in this guide and become a WordPress Expert, then teach others for a fee.

Actually, some really knows how to use WordPress and some are using it. But Most often, those people are wasting internet space. The reason been that… they just don’t know how to use the true power of WordPress to effectively create highly optimized blogs and websites.

However, you now have the chance to access the perhaps the most comprehensive guide to WordPress training to date.

I have put together an illustrated manual with easy, step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow. Every step is illustrated with enough screenshots, as I set up a blog or website while you look over my shoulders. In addition, I added so may other features to make your blog out-look looks great as if you are a pro.

Introducing to you – WordPress Setup Guide

In this 133-page ebook, I get right down to business. Download the eBook, get yourself a bottle of soft drink and snacks, and follow along as you set up your WordPress website – page by page!

The best part about this ebook is that, after reading it flip-back, you will become a WordPress PRO. Then, you can start building WordPress Blogs and Websites for others and charge them for it.

BONUS #1: 20 Premium WordPress Themes (Worth $700)

Yes I mean it! If you order today, you will get 20 Premium WordPress themes from my library. No matter what type of blog or website you want to set up, I got you covered!

You need not to worry! I have included all these EXCLUSIVE 20 Premium WordPress Themes which can get you started right away. With these WordPress themes, you can get up a website or blog running within a day.

And that is not all… you can use these themes to create and design websites/blogs for other people and make money from it.

BONUS #2: 5 WordPress Plugins ($400)

Yet another wonderful bonus for you if you order TODAY. You will be getting 5 EXCLUSIVE WordPress Plugins to get you started.

2 Free Plugins, but one of the two can no longer be found easily on the internet again. With this plugin, you can insert Google Adsense ads or any other ads or banner anywhere in your WordPress blog.

3 Premium Plugins, which worth a whooping sum of $400 will be yours for free! Only if you order for a copy today.

BONUS #3: SEO That Works ($10)

In this practical guide, you will discover all the strategies to get your newly created site or blog to the top of Google and other search engines.

Here’s what is inside:

1. How Search Engines Work

2. Keyword Research

3. Indexing and the Power of RSS

4. Content

5. On Page Optimization

6. Backlinks and Strategies

7. Useful Resources

BONUS #4: 2 Ways 2 Earn (Worth $7)

I’m delighted to offer you here not ONE but TWO part time home based earning opportunities that are going to give you a reasonably good amount of money.

If you are really interested to earn $500+ a month, every month, then you must pursue both programs in the famous eBook written by Vijay Mathur himself, exclusively for those interested in Earning Money Online or Earning Per Day, looking for Jobs at Home or for Working Online or are interested in having Extra Earnings.

Now, this is very useful to you so as to supplement your blog revenue. Grab this for free if you order today!

BONUS #5: Facebook Social Ads Exposed (Worth $14.95)

Facebook Social Ads work virally, but rather than being spread in a random fashion, they are placed on Facebook member pages, based on their profile data which can make them a powerful sales aid for marketers, especially in this current decade, where mobile devices are now replacing personal computers at the rate of 4 – 1.

However, like any data system spread via the net, there are rules, restrictions and random factors that can greatly inhibit or enhance their success. In this special report, we will explore the ins and outs of Facebook Social Ads.

And to crown it all, see the ultimate BONUS

I will personally follow you up on your blog project. I will be available to help you through your first WordPress blog creation and design for a whooping whole 30 days.

That means, if you order your own copy of WordPress Setup Guide today, I will personally mentor you through the whole setup in case you are stuck on the way. This is


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FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO ORDER WordPress Setup Guide

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How Much Does it Cost?

This ebook – WordPress Setup Guide – will cost you only N3, 500

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Any Reservation For Me?

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100% Guurantee!

ABOVE ALL… If you are not satisfied with everything you got… I’m offering a 30-day Guarantee. If you think what you bought is not useful to you or you got nothing from it after 30 days, you can return them and you will get your money back… no question ask!

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Best of Luck!

John & Jide