“Social Media” when we say this word out loud, our minds get flooded with various perks of the “social” life that has been made easier when mixed with technology. It’s indeed a milestone in the history of mankind. Social media is basically the development of modes of communication into a virtual reality. Face to face interaction has changed into Video calls, board meetings turned to conference calls, etc. As the platform of SOCIAL MEDIA grows the physical interaction has reduced.

Each and everything has its own Merits and Demerits and “Social media” comes behind the same fence. Social media has greatly impacted society in a positive manner, for example: If we take a family with parents and 3 children who’ve settled across international borders. Through social media these parents can know day to day activities of their children and communicate with them through calls, chats, sharing pictures, video calls, etc. Thus social media connects two opposite ends of the world.

These days we come across various influencers who move to bring a good change in the world. These influencers have begun spreading their words over social media so that it reaches a large mass. Social media comes handy in business as it has become a mode of advertising for various companies. These are a few from the list of so many more merits of social media.

As we look at the demerits of social media, the biggest challenge is reduced physical interactions. These days we find children (aged 10) who have social media accounts to interact with their friends and so the parks meant for children remain empty. Children have turned lethargic and are more inclined towards virtual life. Nowadays since the use of social media has increased, cybercrime has also increased. We find cases of cyberbullying, on-screen harassment, virtual thieves.

Social media has caused a huge age gap between the 60’s – 70’s humans (parents) and the children of the current generation. Since most of the previous generations hesitate to adapt. And find it hard to learn from the younger generation. These were few demerits of social media

This draws us to the conclusion that social media is one such thing that can manipulate a mass’ thoughts and mindsets in a positive manner as well as it’s overuse can lead to doom since we are at the peak of success of our generation


  1. So true 👌🏻 Although it’s like anything unlimited that’s given to everyone, it’s powerful yet powerless in a manner, technology is good the negatives come in when you let it take over your life.


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